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Sector: XR

StyleDotMe is a fashion tech startup. It's augmented Reality (AR) tech platform for jewelry called mirrAR. Shoppers can now try jewelry on digital platforms of client brands, including iPads installed at various locations, without actually having to wear the pieces and get instant fashion advice from experts, bloggers and influencers around the world. The AR tech is seamlessly integrated with their fashion advice platform that enables users to get real-time advice.

Sector: Vernacular OTT

Stage was launched in 2019 by Vinay Singhal, Shashank Vaishnav and Parveen Singhal, Stage claims over 1.5 million downloads in Haryanvi dialect alone. It is now available in Rajasthani dialect and plans to launch new dialects such as Bhojpuri, Maithili and Magadhi this year. It is also the only artist-based OTT platform in the country with content in art forms such as comedy, poetry, folk, and storytelling, said the company.

Sector: Blockchain

ASQI stands for Advanced Statistical and Quantitative Intelligence. It  specialize in the application of machine learning, artificial intelligence and quantitative methods to solve problems in the domain of finance. We have built a multi-purpose forecasting engine by drawing upon a wide variety of conventional and alternate data. We create a variety of forecasts for sectors and companies in India – such as credit risk quantification, credit pricing, and expected growth rates etc.

Sector: SMB Digitisation

Dukaan is a DIY platform which enables merchants with zero programming skills to set up their e-commerce store using smartphone. We created the Dukaan app with the aim to support and help local businesses that were facing a crisis during the raging pandemic

Sector: Community

Sheroes is a women's community platform, offering support, resources, opportunities, and interactions via and the SHEROES App. SHEROES - Communities for Women, is a safe and trusted space, where members discuss health, careers, relationships and share their life stories, achievements and moments. The app also offers a dedicated ask SHEROES helpline where community members can talk to counselors on all aspects of their growth journeys. SHEROES offers its enterprise customers a range of products including Brand Solutions, SHE – prevention of sexual harassment at work platform and a Managed Remote Solutions program. Additionally, SHEROES hosts the #SHEROESSummit, a multi-city annual flagship event and #theshift Series – changing the gender narrative, alongside the community meets across geographies. In the next five years, the SHEROES stack aims to put 100 million women on the growth road map. In 2018, we were awarded by the IAMAI Digital Awards in the "Social & Economic Empowerment" category. Onalytica's "Future of work Top 100 influencers and brands" featured our founder Sairee Chahal at No.53 in the influencer list and SHEROES at No.30 in the brand's category.

Sector: DayCare

ProEves is the largest aggregator of preschools and daycares, on the retail side, we are the only website providing discovery efficiency and decision counseling by way of counsel calls/mom references/appointments, user reviews and adhoc daycare. On the corporate side, we are the largest childcare benefit provider that works with corporates by way of our tech product Procare that provides their employees access to daycares, decision and payment support. While ease and flexibility is the core of our service to both retail and corporate products. We plan to address the Credibility problem of the industry by way of ProEves enabled centers that are powered by 3s by us Software, Sales and Skilling. We are the of India.

Sector: Health-Tech

Skillacquire is a learning platform and medical certification provider for all those people who have less time and wish to learn more. Because their platform uses the technology which caters to the need of today what they call it as the civilization 3.0, they offer OWCs and other paid courses both short term and long term. Skillacquire specialize in the creation and delivery of content rich focused training in Management (GRC) and related Best Practices (BP) in a wide range of industries including healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, bio technology, medical devices and other industries where GRC and BP are involved.

Sector: Ad-Tech

Cuberoot is an audience management platform that helps companies including brands, advertisers, agencies, publishers, etc to leverage the power of their data to grow their business faster than before. Cuberoot help advertisers understand their audience better so that they can make the right business decisions about their marketing spends and reach out to the ideal customers in the best possible manner.

Sector: HR Tech

Dockabl is one of the most intuitive and progressive talent management tools of today. The Recognition app is one of it's kind with a huge impact.

Sector: Content

Inc42 is an Indian media and information platform producing data-backed news and analysis on all the vital elements at the intersection of technology, startups and business. No fluff, only real stuff. Inc42 is the authoritative voice of the growing business + technology industry with the mission to help Indian businesses navigate through the impact of the technological revolution by focusing on what matters and by providing a deep understanding of the world of technology based on data driven insights & connections.

Sector: Content

Josh Talks was co-founded by Shobhit Banga & Supriya Paul in January 2015 with the goal of raising the aspirations of Young India. Josh Talks passionately believes that a well-told story has the power to reshape attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. When publications like The Economic Times, and companies like SutraHR determine that we are among the "Top Startups" in India, they are spurred to break their current area of impact and go beyond it. While this recognition is exciting, the primary motivation will always be centred on producing and showcasing the greatest, most inspiring stories on the planet. 

Sector: AR/VR/MR

Simulanis is multi-award winning Ed-Tech company leveraging Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D simulation technologies to develop cutting-edge interactive, engaging and immersive products for the education, learning and skilling domains. Their products cut across a range of industrial and education sectors, whilst addressing some of the most pressing skilling and learning challenges. Laced with the highest degree of interactivity and backed by our proprietary assessment-driven and trademarked 'SCISSOR' methodology, their products enable their customers to retentively learn some of the most difficult concepts with ease.